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This is an intro kit with all 3 of our popular brush cleaners/solvents for you to try in mini 2oz sizes. This kit contains 2 oz each of Citrus Brush Cleaner, Lavender Brush Cleaner and a full size 4oz Lavender and Olive Oil Soap.


Chelsea Classical Studio Brush Cleaners are a safer alternative to turpentine, mineral spirits, and other more toxic solvents. For those concerned about maintaining a clean studio or classroom, these safer brush cleaners have a flower and fruit aroma, emit no carcinogenic fumes, and clean more thoroughly than their harsher counterparts.


2 oz Citrus Brush Cleaner- Rinse your brushes in the Studio Brush Cleaners during painting to clean paint from your brushes, and after painting sessions to thoroughly remove paints and mediums from brush hairs prior to storing. A bright citrus scent. 


2 oz Lavender Brush Cleaner- A safer alternative to turpentine and mineral spirits products. Rinse your brushes in the Studio Brush Cleaners during painting, use as you would other solvents while painting lean in conjunction with our other products, and after painting sessions with our soap bar to thoroughly clean brushes prior to storing. A lavender herbaceous scent. 


4 oz Lavender and Olive Oil Soap- Crafted from all natural ingredients, this soap for brushes and hands has a subtle lavender scent. It contains no chemical detergents, and is a naturally safer alternative that cleans, conditions, and extends the life of your brushes while being gentle to your hands.


This kit does not contain any additional packaging. 

All Cleaners Sample Kit

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